Legends of The British Sambo Federation

Martin Clarke


Born 20th. January 1950 to 28th. June 2018

British Sambo Federation Inductee # 1

Considered one of the finest Sambo players this country has ever produced, this powerful man enjoyed a wonderful international career spanning four decades. The last of his Sambo competitions being in 1998 when he won a silver medal at The World Masters in Malta

World Games Sambo silver medal 1985

World Championship Sambo silver medal 1986

1986 Founder of The British Sombo Federation

2013 Gold medal for services to international Sambo by FIAS. The only person outside the Eastern Block to receive this award.

Member of The Academy of International Sambo Masters. One of only eight people to be invited into this academy.

FIAS Grandmaster of Sambo, GB's only recognised Grandmaster.

Organiser of the 1989 European Sambo Championships and the 1992 World Sambo Championships in Herne Bay. 

Coached professionally since 1971

Not that Martin's exploits on and off the mat will ever be forgotten, but his legacy lives on today, through his son John and grandson Lewis, who have both followed in his footsteps in representing their country.