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British Open 2019

Martin Clarke Memorial British Open Sambo Championships - Thanks to Toni Wraith-Lister


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The British Sombo Federation is the recognised National Governing Body for the sport of Sombo (Russian terminology Sambo) in the United Kingdom. The primary activities of the Federation are to manage, promote, control, regulate and develop the sport of Sombo and associated disciplines

The sport is delivered through coaching and training sessions, gradings, competitions, seminars, meetings, forums and other channels. It is impossible to produce a single Health and Safety policy that can accommodate all of these different localised environments. Therefore, we need everyone to assist in the process.

As the control body we have set numerous minimum standards and guidelines that need to be adhered to when delivering the sport Sombo and its associated disciplines.

The British Sombo Federation was founded by Martin Clarke in 1986. 


BSF Organisation

Founder: Martin Clarke


Martin, who was chairman of the British Sombo Federation received a special medal at the World Sambo Championships in St Petersburg, Russia. The medal was to celebrate the 75th year of the birth of Sambo, the Russian Jacket Grappling Sport, only eight other people received this award throughout the World. This was a great honour for Martin, he received the award from FIAS President Vasily Shestakov in front of a packed worldwide audience.



 Sambo (self-defense without weapons) – is a unique synthesis of single combat and martial arts of the world. Sambo is the original system of physical and spiritual education of a person, in which many nations of the world recognize their sports styles and traditions. Sambo is an international sport. 

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